Mary Hatch, "White Lies", oil on canvas

Back in 2001, Rickie Lee Jones opened a book on her website and called it the "Book of Liars". For a couple of years it served as a lively online place where people could tell stories, share fiction and poetry or safekeep their sometimes hauntingly heavy and deepest thoughts.
I left footprints and little scenes in the chapter "White Lies and Black Outs", as basic ideas for what perhaps one day would find its way into a story of its own. So here they are, in perpetual motion, slowly shaping into something that may one day have a final page to turn. Until that moment arrives, it will be here...

Serendipity was with me when I searched the internet for appropriate illustration and my first attempt introduced me to Mary Hatch, a wonderful artist in Michigan:

"My work begins with little fragments of life unintentionally stored away
Tiny bits of memory - much too insignificant to notice
Until oddly they come together forming narratives
As if they have always existed
The big things have a way of staying separate and need no further explanation
The small things we take for granted, finally emerge intuitively
And paste themselves together."

Blue Fever at High Noon is the first White Lies and Black Outs story, previously published as different scenes in RLJ's "Book of Liars".

To be expected: The story "Pineapple,".

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