Larry Carlton & Steely Dan

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For Steely Dan fans it has been a blast so far. This year’s tour is different compared to the ones before. Different setlists. Input of the fans. Tunes they said they would not play finally showing up on setlists. Surprising guest musicians like Elliott Randall and… Larry Carlton.

Royal Scam has been my first Steely Dan album. And as such it remains my favorite. Here’s a gorgeous photo album of the New York concert last week, the Royal Scam album featuring Larry Carlton. Thanks to Randy Reichardt for maintaining his Steely fever in such a great fashion!

Music for Gaza & Steely DAM


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Welcome to the international weblog of Music For Gaza, a project of composer-musician Merlijn Twaalfhoven. We’re very busy preparing the 4th edition of the Music For Gaza project, a CD-exchange event and benefit concert. This time in the south of the Netherlands, the city of Heerlen.

Cultural Cafe De Nor will be hosting our project. In collaboration with the Center for Diversity and the Peace Agency Heerlen we’ll give it our best shot to turn May 3 into a memorable day. We have 2 months to organize the event, so exciting times lie ahead!

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And when looking for rappers and musicians with an Arab or Israeli trademark, we stumbled upon Sagol 59. And somehow, even if we’re all focused on Gaza, we end up back where we once started out. Because who does this Sagol 59 list among his influences…?

Ice Cube, Kool G. Rap, Too Short, Ras Kass, Johnny Cash, EPMD, Rakim, Organized Konfusion, Public Enemy, John Lee Hooker, Lord Finesse, Big L, Scarface, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Ramones, Pere Ubu, Big Daddy Kane, Allman Brothers, Akinyele, Steely Dan, Woody Guthrie, A Tribe Called Quest, Jonathan Richman, Devin The Dude…

Sagol has received much critical praise for his numerous groundbreaking collaborations with both Israeli and international artists, particularly “Summit Meeting” (feat. Tamer Nafar of Palestinian crew DAM & Shaanan Streett of Hadag Nachash), the first-ever collaborative recording featuring both Israeli and Arab MCs. He regularly hosts the Corner Prophets/Old Jeruz Cipher Hip Hop series, a cultural initiative meant to unite the diverse cultural communities located in Jerusalem through a shared interest in hip-hop. By working with Corner Prophets, Sagol’s goal is to inspire a new generation of Israelis and Palestinians that turn to art—not violence—as a means to find a common ground.

Walter Becker, dub your heart out :-)

Welcome to Mizar6, the 2009 look


Hi. Once again we stumbled upon a black hole in the universe, when webhost Lycos switched keys with the new provider Strato, leaving us somewhere in between. We’re still in orbit, we’re just invisible at the moment. It’ll probably take some time before we have figured out the new admin section and we hope to have the old Mizar6 and Mizar5 stuff back up soon enough as well.

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