Save these 3 wolves!


These are Alpha, Beta and Omega. The three young wolves are kept in this cage in animal zoo Monde Sauvage, Aywaille in Belgium. All day long. They’re only allowed to be outside for one hour, when they have to perform in the show. If they do not perform well, they don’t get any food. Their former caretaker is passionate about animals. Passionate about wolves. He cared for them, played with them and loves them dearly.

He filed a complaint for animal abuse at the police station in Sprimont. A policeman warned him not to proceed with this case, because it might be dangerous for his life, or that of his pets. He had a contract until November and does not work at Monde Sauvage anymore. He worries about the wolves. And shared lots of other stories and tragedies happening in that zoo.

According to Belgian law, the wolves should be able to run free in a space of 1200m2. There is a section for the adult wolves. But these 3 young ones are kept in this cage, near the section of the birds and owls. They do not receive proper care. Nor are they allowed to run and enjoy themselves.

Whether or not there should be animal parcs like this, is not the issue here. Our concern is the welfare of these three young wolves. We want a guarantee they do not end up as meat for the other animals, such as the lions, tigers and leopards.

Support this cause and sign the petition, you can read the story in French, or use an internet translation program. Thank you.


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