the Beauty is the Beast…

Chanel is a gorgeous blue-grey kitten who loves a brawl. Because this might be disturbing for our viewers, we replaced the sound and instead present a dub version with a little Garageband and iMovie HD twist 🙂 Dizzy and Duke (formerly known as Simba aka DeNiro aka Zorn aka Obelix) have left the nest and moved in with Art and his family…we wish them a happy prosperous healthy life!

music: Romeo & Juliette – The Play My String Thang (the testingtesting123 version 1994).

This track appeared on the Yellow Peril compilation disc, the 4th musical initiative already from the Under the Banyan Trees Sign in Stranger crowd. The Yellow Peril version was arranged and produced by Emiel van Egdom, a Dutch guitarist and musician who called in his friend saxman Bobby Militello (Dave Brubeck) to participate. Another friend, bassist Chico Huff, happened to fly in from Paris and he is on the Yellow Peril track as well. This testingtesting123 version was recorded at home, with an Akai tapedeck, a little Grundig GDM 19 microphone and a many times taped-over tape.

It’s a guy’s thing

These are three of the four kittens found by a neighbour. They’re still very small, but seem to be fine. They’re pretty fast learning as well. They eat on their own, know where to take a leak (not all the time) and have fine sharp teeth and nails too.

Lovely little creatures to observe and help grow into loving entertaining companions for someone who can offer them a good home…

Steely People 2: Any major dude…

Steely people on YouTube

We can’t ignore it. It seems as if more people find their way to YouTube. It seems as if more people perform Steely Dan songs. Or sample it. Or wreck it. So, we here at Mizar6, formerly known as Mizar5, will return to our initial Mizar5 mission. Here’s our first fingerpicking guest!

Toon Roos and Steely Dan 2009


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Mizar5 revisited

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(illustration: alagram uk)