Howdy. As you probably have found out, the old Mizar5 posts are no longer on the provider’s server. Bummer. We currently do not have the time to manually transport every post back into this ‘new’ Mizar5 vessel, BUT we do have some exciting news for those who have been following the Steely Dan buzz wherever possible on the net.

We figured we’d join in and share some of your happiness by going back in time a little to refreshen the memory. The Toon Roos Quartet will have the honor of warming up the audience to Steely Dan in Europe during some concerts… so we’d like to invite you to get to know Toon Roos some by taking you to our Mizar5 Interview… enjoy :-)

M5 Interview with Toon Roos

(click image for old Mizar5 and Mizar6)
Yep. We’re still here. The old Mizar5 and Mizar6 posts have not gone up in thin air, although we seem to be living on borrowed time. HTML and CSS are no strangers to your faithful Mizar5 and Mizar6 narratress, SQL and database stuff however is well.. you fill in the blanks here. As such, i completely forgot to backup the database. All the files are nicely sitting in their respective folders, feeling comfy on the new server… but without the database stuff, they’re like Steely Dan without Dan. Or Steely.

So, we had to come up with a creative solution instead. For the time being, we directed you to the server where the old files were stored. All you had to do was change the category number in the URL, from 2 until 16. There was however no 3,10 and 11. For a while they remained there… But it’s all gone now, sorry. We did save all the categories and pages as they were, so when time, they might be archived in here differently.

And for those attending the 2009 European concerts of Steely Dan… have a good time!