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1. What was it like to perform as a supporting act for Peter Gabriel, was it a totally different experience compared to your usual performances?

SD: yes it was..... there were about 10.000 people, I've never played "my music" in front of so many people ... and they liked it ...

2. If you think back a few years, how would you describe Lyn Leon now, anno 2004 ...?

SD: years ago, we didn't know if anybody would like our music, today we are waiting for the release of "Glass Lounge" on 27th of September in Europe through SPV, and we are supporting Al Jarreau on his European tour...!! 

3. How did you meet Carolyn Leonhart?

SD: the story how we met Carolyn Leonhart:

the Swiss Percussion Group had a programm with stones, glass and clay. We wanted to do a CD and thought it would be great to have a singer. We know Gil Golgstein, because he had written a piece for the Swiss Percussion Group, so I called him and he recommended Carolyn. She came over for the weekend and after that we decided to do a cd together. So we recorded GLASS SONGS by Swiss Percussion Group & Carolyn Leonhart (the album is sold out). Mats (Matthias Eser) and I wrote all the compositions. Then we had problems with the rights concerning the poetry, so Carolyn had to do some re-writing. We had ro record again and that's when we said: let's tour with this music. People just loved it, so we figured, why not, let's do another CD, so that's the story behind Glass Lounge. We then changed the name of Swiss Percussion Group into Lyn Leon.

4. What is the ambition of a group like Lyn Leon, what are the goals?

SD: the goal is to play our music all over the world, it's more a dream right now ..... 

5. And what are the ideas behind your music?

SD: maybe what John Bishop of OriginArts Seattle USA said: "I love the fact that you guys have taken the art form and applied it in an area where people might actually end up hearing and appreciating it!?