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Dames in politiek

Daarom, Maastricht

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Uitgeverij WEAN  

All About Jazz

Oerlemans Foods



PUURZAAM Magazine (2010 tot heden)


Paul Rondags

Green Tea in a Mauve Mood
Paul Rondags

A book that brings together for the very first time a selection of photographs taken from the artist Paul Rondags. It focuses primarily on his beautiful series of over 300 photographs "Green Tea in a Mauve Mood" produced since 2010. The pictures he makes are isolation's, observations of everyday life. Elements of aesthetics, mood, tone, are framed in memories and encounters of everyday life. In this way the pictures are also about him. There narrative aspects are loose, inconclusive, made by intuition rather than concept. He is looking to the point where the image is stripped from 'the spectacular', but have enough presence and expressiveness of their own.

Text by Gina Vodegel on a folder which is exploring the idea of being a photo storage device in a book format. Design by Studio Christos Lialios. Published byBig black mountain the darkness never ever comes in an edition of 250 copies.

Maastricht and Athens 2014


Triple Pundit  


MaastrichtMBA (2015 tot heden)