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Life in Maastricht

Once upon a time, a company launched a series of Dutch Facebook pages designed to build online communities in various cities. Maastricht was one of them. The page quickly grew in numbers of followers, and a team of local editors and account managers worked hard to keep it viable. In accordance with the Dutch editor for Leven in Maastricht, I launched an English version, Life in Maastricht, and cross-posted whatever news or pittoresk photograph I thought would work for Life in Maastricht next to the content I created myself. There was no budget left to compensate for my time and effort, alas, but I still decided to keep the page going, albeit in a non-obligatory way. The Dutch page is now run by another company. Part of the original team is back on board there, and we still work together from time to time. In april 2017 I decided the Facebook page Life in Maastricht needed a website of its own. Some stories, such as the Hotspots series, deserve to be seen out of a social media context. As I am also starting the Life in Maastricht Interview series, a website would much better suit and accommodate that goal, or any other. So here it is, in all its infancy, the Life in Maastricht website. You're welcome to visit!