Steely Dan Tribute from Norway

There’s more tributes and covers than ever now on Youtube, it seems. We’ll try to pick one every week and don’t judge, but merely present here…

Bud’s Choice

If you’re a frequent visitor of Mizar6 or our guestbook the Rumpus Suite, you’ll probably know that Rumpus isn’t alone anymore. His friend Bud will present albums you might wanna check out: Bud’s Choice.

Due to Bud’s somewhat philosophical tendencies, he might throw in a little cosmic advice from time to time, depending on his mood and schedule.

To kick off, he’s had some help from Carsten Jakobsen (Denmark), who sent us a link to the album Underdog, and Other Stories.

Bud once dated a girl named Aja, back in the seventies when he still had long hair and shoes. And so he’d like to dedicate his first choice to her. You can click the album cover for more information.

All About Jazz review: Rickie Lee Jones

(photo: Rox Curras)

If a musical career spans a period of thirty years, there’s bound to be ups and downs along the way. Rickie Lee Jones has always insisted on making her own choices, sometimes baffling her critics with yet another puzzle to work out. For her latest album “Balm in Gilead” The Duchess of Coolsville combines her multiple talents as an artist, songwriter and producer with a little help from musical friends like Jon Brion, Bill Frisell, Brian Swartz, Pete Thomas and Reggie McBride. Click here to continue reading at All About Jazz. If you’d like to hear samples and/or purchase the album, you can click here.