AllSenses Art&Ads

Hello dear friends,

All our creative services, even when we’re physically located in Argentina (but as in previous ventures we’re always available for worldwide projects), are also provided in English, so you can contact us at anytime, and we’ll love to give you our best advice.

We’d love to tell you about our new project, and invite you to give us a hand with its promotion.

AllSenses Art&Ads is built to communicate on internet days. We realize, after many years in the creative field, that internet itself is only a tool, and advertising is not merely marketing or statistics. Art is the soul, the sound which moves our feet towards the target.

It doesn’t matter if is a small ad in a news magazine, the graphic design for the corporate image of a new Japanese – Peruvian fusion restaurant or even the website for that young musician who is eager to reach a warm and specific audience with his art.

These days, more than ever, we define ourselves as: “Image and word, along with a broad experience in a wide range of creative and bold spaces, turn us into a fascinating choice, specially in times when creativity needs to fly high. That’s the reason why we touch the sky but not unbalance, keeping one foot firmly on our beloved planet Earth”.

We thank you for your lovely attention to our dream… all of you are invited to be part of it.

Paula Navarrete Daffos & Federico Antìn | AllSenses Art&Ads

Creativity Communication Design (graphic design, web, POP) Image (corporate design) Internet (community management) Cultural management (production, promotion, cultural consulting, events)