Mizar5 started as a website with its roots in St. Alphonzo’s Under The Banyan Trees. From August 2004 until September 2008 we offered Steely Dan related trivia and news with a certain historical value and relevance given the band’s existence for more than four decades. Not only do the music and lyrics reflect and translate a Zeitgeist that changes as years go by, the periphery of it all may just be as interesting to notice or discover!

Mizar6 is therefore not restricted to the Steely Dan universe and aims to provide space for a variety in facts about music & people, although we will never stray far from our original objective. Please do not forget to check out our Interviews section. Among them are newcomers, freewheelers, strange birds and hidden treasures as well as established names in the jazz-, pop- rock- and eclectic music scene.

Your hosts, Rumpus and Bud

For frequent Steely Dan related updates, we highly recommend the Radio Dupree blog.

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