You Zombie

Be born again my friend

Mizar6 has relaunched on February 20th in 2016, with one Walter Becker Happy Birthday contribution that’ll keep you glued online. Or so we hope. You might wonder what the fuzz. Because it’s not as if Mizar6 wasn’t out here. You’re right. It was still around, in orbit. With a very, very occasional post. Very occasional.

But that’s all going to change now. No more occasional, but frequent instead. We’ll look for interesting Steely covers and creative interpretations and we’ll dip our toes in that big blurry world out there to see if what we find is any match for Mizar6. And yes, we’re going to talk to musicians and ask them about their projects, their music, their passions and their drive. Because the power of life, the power of humanity and the power of music is in s h a r i n g with others. That’s what makes the world go round, for us anyway. Hoping there’s a spark that’ll rub off and create something new, something else, something different perhaps. Something to show us it’s not all bad out there, in the big blurry world!

If you come across anything you deem interesting for Mizar6, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, ok?

You can reach us at or leave a message or comment on our Facebook page.

See you in a bit!