JekerJazz Maastricht is back in town

Jeker Jazz is the brainchild of Giel Coenen who started programming jazz, blues, funk and related music in pubs and cafes around one of the most attractive inner city neighborhoods of Maastricht, the Jeker Quarter (Jekerkwartier). This was twenty years ago. It turned out to be a successful concept with a variety of music and free admission to the concerts in the pubs, cafes and small diners. In 2003, Jeker Jazz integrated with the organization Jazz Maastricht and its name changed into Jazz Promenade. In the meantime, Appie Weijers (Ap-Art Events) had joined the team and he and Giel Coenen were responsible for programming the annual Jazz Promenade event.

Jazz Maastricht decided to change course again in 2010, which seemed a perfect cue to restore Jeker Jazz in its former glory as well. Giel Coenen and Appie Weijers have now returned to the roots of this annual inner city jazzfest that is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Starting from scratch.

If you’re interested in participating on any level, become an affiliate-sponsor or would like to be given the opportunity to perform your music on a vibrant Maastricht inner city stage of sixty venues, feel free to send an email for more information: Jeker Jazz Maastricht.

Dukes without an occupational hazard

NEW YORK — Separately, the Dukes of September have sold tens of millions of albums, explored every major strain of popular music and commanded attention over four decades.

United, they are promising to deliver a unique concert bonanza for Boomers and connoisseurs of R&B and soul.

Tonight in Danbury, Conn., Boz Scaggs, Donald Fagen and Michael McDonald play the first of 22 Rhythm Revue dates during which they’ll try to justify the regal, doo-wopish title they’ve bestowed upon themselves. It shouldn’t be hard, as they offer up nuggets from their own careers, alongside tunes from jukebox heaven and the Americana attic. Tour stops include Boston (Aug. 31), Chicago (Sept. 11), Los Angeles (Sept. 29) and a finale in Las Vegas (Oct. 2).

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