Kari Kirkland tribute – Do It Again

“Gary took me to see Steely Dan (my first time) the summer before we got married. 4 years later, I found myself standing at a piano next to Shelly Berg, piecing together with him what would become one of my favorite songs on my new album. It’s nearly impossible to cover a Steely Dan song and retain its genius. I don’t claim to have done that, but along with Shelly, Gregg Field, Kevin Axt, Don Murray, and the legendary Dean Parks, we created something very special, and close to my heart. Though this hasn’t been mastered or released yet, I share it with love, compassion, and respect to Walter Becker, his family, and his bandmates.”

Sal Bernardi interview: coming soon!

Sal Bernardi. Anyone into the music of Rickie Lee Jones and Mink Deville will immediately recognize him for having penned or co-penned or encouraged some great songs and musical storytelling.

We will publish an interview with him shortly, and as an appetizer we’d like to present one of his most recent collaborations with French-German singer-songwriter Mathis Haug. The album “Wild Country” will be officially released March 10. Stay tuned!

“Le chemin que j’ai choisi écrit sa propre histoire, le lecteur et l’auteur sont quasiment les mêmes », chante Mathis Haug dans Wild Country. Ce vers résume à lui seul la démarche d’un artiste qui perçoit tout le relief de l’existence en comprenant que nos vies se lisent dans la double perspective de l’autre et de soi-même. En clair, que la création est un reflet du monde quand elle est métissage. Métissage, le maître mot d’un album qui est né, a grandi et s’est épanoui dans la rencontre.

L’histoire de la chanson Wild Country en est un bel exemple. Une semaine d’été, Mathis accueille chez lui Sal Bernardi, l’une des plus belles plumes du courant folk-rock américain, dont le nom reste indissociable de celui de Rickie Lee Jones. Dans la petite maison gardoise de Mathis, l’encre des mots coule des doigts de Sal au rythme des mélodies qui s’échappent de la guitare du maître de maison. À ceci près que Sal est originaire du New Jersey le plus urbain et industriel, et qu’il est allergique au chant des cigales. En quittant le Gard précipitamment, il laisse dans son sillage quelques pépites, à commencer par Wild Country duquel va germer l’idée de cet album fait de rencontres et d’interrogations, généreuses et lucides, sur l’avenir de la planète.”

The Doobies Are Just Alright!

Thanks to Donna, who enjoyed Ted Baker’s piano solo in a Black Cow video, we were reminded of Mr. Cornelius Bumpus’ energy and contribution to some mighty fine music when he was with the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. We went looking and found this concert which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

Rob Meany releases solo album


We are huge fans of Rob Meany and Terramara. You can check our interview section for an M5 interview Mike Dale from Australia had with Rob. That was more than a decade ago. The music hasn’t stopped since, of course. Rob has recently released his first solo album, Ferris Wheels Unbound. “Rob’s debut album as a solo artist is a piano- and acoustic guitar-driven collection of intimate performances and organic arrangements, enhanced occasionally by string quartet, and jazz trio. Produced by Andy Thompson and Rob Meany.”

Add it to your collection and support independent musicians so they can continue doing what they do best!

Rolling Stone interview

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! To read the interview, click image:


New Monkey House release: Left


Steely Dan kicks off 2016 tour!

We’ve been quiet a little longer, we know. Digesting loads of music and news to share with you in the coming weeks. And we can’t ignore the fact that our favorite band kicked off their 2016 tour this week! We searched and found some footage and a raving review on the Steely Facebook page and will be sharing more of their tour in the future. Enjoy!