The Fagen-Becker conspiracy

[ Taken from their website ]

“Freelance is an Italian fusion band, whose members are some of the best Italian professional musicians, G.Paolo Petrini (drums), Roberto Celio (Bass), Marco Cimino (keyboards) and lately Max Carletti ( guitars). They toured with pop artists like Gloria Gaynor, Adirano Clentano, Mango, Allice, Eugenio Finardi, etc.
They released through the years two albums featuring guest stars like Dave Liebman, Alex Acuna, Flavio Boltro, “Lambretta Variations” for swiss label Modern Times and “MazurkaZen” for Electromantic. In 2014 they decided to dedicate some concerts to Steely Dan music. Some original arrangements are ready to be recorded for the next release “The Steely Dan cartel”.”

Check out their version of Everyone’s Gone To The Movies! And of course, they have a Facebook page.

Ok, ok. We just had to show this one too. Don’t Take Me Alive. Cleverly arranged, with a touch of Maxine at the start 😉