Teddy Kumpel’s Reeling In The Years

Joe Jackson hardly needs any introduction. We also don’t need to explain the Steely Dan affiliation, you can find an entry from 2014 in our very own search engine which makes you dig up that old vinyl or reach for a top or bottom shelf where you store your CD’s so you can listen to 11 Tracks of Whack again and again, and again as if you’re in the same room with Joe Jackson, listening in unison. And when you’re back in here, with us, you can watch this video from the current tour in Europe. Doug Yowell on drums, Graham Maby on bass. Does that guitarist on the right ring any bells? That’s Teddy. Teddy Kumpel. He told us they almost did Reeling In The Years, but didn’t in the end. He also invited us to come see them play this week in Rotterdam or Antwerp, but we alas had to kindly decline with some regret. But we’re hoping for some nice pics and maybe a little story or a Steely tune to find online. Maybe.

teddykRemember Teddy Kumpel from way back then when this was Mizar5? He was on tour with Rickie Lee Jones, they played Scrabble when on the road. We found some of those old entries in the incomparable Internet Archive Wayback Machine and figured you might like to be Reeling In The Years with Teddy and Rickie and yes, scroll-down-for-it Joe Jackson too!





Rickie Lee Jones & Joe Jackson: Show Biz Kids

Don't you love it when everything is connected? Read our latest piece shorturl.at/vJQ49 about Teddy Kumpel's Reeling In The Years www.mizar6.net and his current tour with Joe Jackson. Teddy also toured with Rickie Lee Jones, so we figured you might like Steely Dan's Show Biz Kids, a treat from June 23 in 2000, bringing everything together. (From Live In Seattle – Great Big Island; Bass – Paul Nowinski; Drums – Dan Hinkey; Guitar – Drew Zingg (#SteelyDan alumnus); Organ, Bass – Andy Ezrin.) Video courtesy of www.rickieleejones.com

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