New single Skinnie: Can’t Cut You Loose

A while ago, I posted a clip from a song recorded by Skinnie, a Dutch singer-songwriter. That clip was removed. Not due to copyright infringement. Nope. The idea was to release that clip with the new single. And so the clip and single were launched last Monday the 15th of November. For the new Skinnie video and song (featuring yours truly on vocals as well) you’ll have to visit this link.

The video I am presenting here is made by Nicky Dassen. She is the daughter of Pieke Dassen, a well-known actor, puppeteer, singer, painter and allround artist. They lived around the block where I spent my childhood. Nicky went to see a performance of the LSO mid October, the LSO is the regional symphony orchestra and they played a piece of Debussy, La boîte à joujoux. Filmmaker Richard Dols made a movie starring the puppets of Pieke Dassen.